Friday, July 1, 2011

My Mayor Inday Sara Duterte

I am not payed or anything to do this blog but I did it in my own accord to support the mayor that Ive casted my only vote which I believe she deserves it.

What can you say about the picture above? lovely isn't she? a model? can you believe that she can punch hard? well for those people who doesn't know this gorgeous lady above the picture, she is not a model or something but she is the powerful lady in Davao City the very first Lady mayor ever elected in the history of Davao. The daughter of my always Idol Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. This is just my own thoughts and opinion but I can sleep peacefully at night knowing that there is a Duterte running my beloved city of Davao wither it is the father, daughter or son as long as there is a Duterte's Blood running this city people will always shows support to them, Dabawenyos pretty knows how they handle this city and it works well actually.

I dont relly knew Mayor Inday Sara (that is Dabaweño's called her) but I cast my only vote on her and his father last election and by expressing my independence to vote to whom I vision to be able to lead this city of mine and my effort shows some very good results. Inday Sara really stand strong as what his father told, she is actually doing great! making a lot of mandated works to the city hall that makes city hall workers do there work efficiently and while poor people seek refuge to the local government she is there to assist personally. The good point of our mayor Inday is that she is shy in front of camera she is more in action than talk and thats why Dabaweños love about Duterte's they do the talk.

Last day June 29, 2011 around 10:00 pm a rain that reaches 8mm according to the rain gauge located in the Davao International Airport, it is way to far from the affected area and just imagine what will be the accurate reading in that specific area. Five Baranggay's is directly hit by the flush flood from Matina Crossing down to Bangkal District and there are other Baranggay's that are also experience flooding like Maa. Before that during afternoon (same day) around 3:30 in the afternoon a shocking news that a dump track looses its break coming from shrine village down to the Matina road intersection that ravages a bus, PUJ full of passengers and a taxi cab that loses life and if im not mistaken 3 to 4 life and many severely injured dabawenyos. Same day when a tyrant rain pours hard in the middle of the night at around 10:00 in the evening where families soundly asleep and never imagine that a catastrophe may occur in the spam of 3 hours 5 Baranggays suffer flash flood coming from one of the river here, if only just only this happen in a broad daylight damage can be minimal but like a thief in the night families are waken up feeling a wet sensation on there body and when they woke up the water level is unmeasurable and trap in there rooms. So far 30 people have died most of them are children and elderly people and 15 are still missing just imagine how our mayor will act unto this matter.

Mayor Inday Sara with no talk rush to aid the victims and allocated 50 million pesos for the affected families, thats what a government should be! while she is still helping those families in Matina another problems arises in Agdao district I knew she hasn't have enough rest accommodating the cries of his constituents begging for help and this problem sprout in a matter of minutes. There will be a demolition in Agdao and mayor Inday knew about it and have some verbal agreement and understanding on both sides. She really thought that everything will be going smoothly but everything changes in a spur of moment that she ask her housing personnel to ask just 2 hours extention and wait for her in Agdao before the demolition start due to the fact that she is still mending the families in matina.

Mayor Inday's request of 2 hours haven't given to her by the sheriff ( and resulted to a riot between police and shanties. The poor people is asking for there mayor for there mayor only understand the situation. Mayor Inday arrives at the scene while the heated moments are still on and single handedly stop the riot she is infused of such anger due to stress and problems her city is experiencing at the moment and she knew that this incident can be stop and put into peaceful manner but the sheriff didn't give her a favor for a pledge of only 2 hours span to talk to the people. Mayor Inday raised her voice not only to the police and also to her constituent of the wrong actions. The police told the mayor that the sheriff order to start the demolition and they are just doing there job.

The result of the riot is 1 wounded policeman hit by a arrow in the butt and some squatter resident before mayor arrives therefor imagine what if the mayor was late enough to come into the picture I'm sure there will be a bloodbath. Make no mistake our mayor is lawyer by profession and knows the law but when she called the sheriff all this legal and professionalism sane behavior vanish and she became enrage of anger that she hits the sheriff 4 times in the face yes in his face resulting to black-eye. We dabawenyos knew that what our beloved mayor did is lawfully wrong in any aspect and in any human perspective but our mayor stand on her ground and people of davao defend our mayor for she already did everything she can even beg the sheriff and have some understanding a day before and yet the sheriff didn't stand on what the agreement did. 

I will not explain further more for others to understand they only see the punching and not the story behind those punches and only a dabawenyos can attest why, its hard to explain she did what the nature calls and a swift action needed to put into actions.One thing is for sure I am proud Ive casted my vote on her. We dabawenyos knew that this is a test in her side and we all pray that everything will be just turn out fine.

To end this tell me who your mayor is and Ill tell you my mayor in bold letters "MAYOR INDAY SARAH DUTERTE"