Saturday, April 24, 2010

Reality Check

April 25, 2010

"There are 2 types of men nice guy and bad guy as the bell rang resonating upon the ears of this men, bad guy takes the lead and harness all possible resources he engage, he takes it all leaving the path with a mere trash for the good guy with no other option but to take it and in the end of the race, well the good guy finish last with a secondhand garbage upon his hand what do you expect."

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A story of a transgressor Part 1

Year 2005 and I've achieve the unimaginable dream I can't possibly think to be a reality. Success, luck, fortune, and love came upon my doorstep as if it was mailed from me from somewhere.

Thinking of the past it seems that it was just yesterday. Memory keep flashing back and during those times I can't help to show a smile upon my countenance, a time when success offers to me by god without knowing it. I live with a strong bond from my family, filled with laughter, hardship and utmost love from them. My father is a great man for me and also believes in god undoubtedly. We went to church each Sunday morning and offer prayers to god, once I ask the almighty to grant me good things to happen at his own respectful time and judgement. From that day on and not to distant future my life drastically change, it was like opening a door and everything was in there a vast opportunities waiting for me to uphold.
I'm entering college for the first time like any one does during those times even if my father cant barely sustain my tuition fee and I need to do something about it. Helping my parents is always in my thoughts ever since up till now. God saw my unyielding desire to aid my family and then he put someone perfectly to ease my burden and that person became my mentor, my boss and my supervisor, his name is Engineer Paolo Gavino. Sir Pao is one of the best person I knew and he offers me a scholarship from the university as a STAP (student training assistant program). It was like being an employee in the university for future employment if you may finish your studies without failing any subject during your time in the said university, well failing once is a warning but the second time you will deprive by such opportunity and turned back as a normal university student. 
Ive accepted in the scholarship program without breaking a sweat because of the recommendation from Sir Pao. I'd been a good staff in the Mechanical Laboratory that is where sir Pao spend most of his time as a non-teaching mechanical supervisor. My working days was so great and very convenient for me as if I've been granted the easiest work load in the whole working staff in the university ... why? because my laboratory held classes during Saturday only so basically from Monday to Friday the laboratory is deserted and turns out to be my fief. I may watch TV, study, use the facilities at my heart's content. Sir Pao has always been my guardian in the university, he never fails to assist me in anything from financial to academic struggles. He usually ask about my standings in any subject and fortunately it is was a piece of cake passing it all(except the algebra ... wew!) ... to be continue.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Unwanted Sensation

April 16, 2010

It's to hot for me to bare, this temperature makes me lose my sanity, my body well breakdown in any given time by overheat. I'm dying of dehydration, it affects my mental stability and its a matter of time that my mind will deteriorate. Taking a bath four times is still insufficient. I want to sleep but failed, my fief is as hot as burning inferno.


April 12, 2010

"God please pardon me for being a sinner that I did such actions but my lord if you can prolong your patience in me I can assure that I may change my vices unto something beneficial. My king I am a sinner and I am you son please pardon me. The evil inside me is growing strong.. save me."


April 11, 2010

"Amigo and Amiga I got a lot of them,
on them I share my sorrow and pain,
faded pain replace by utmost bliss,
blissful of bygone and beyond.
Beyond any path taken a friend will still be your friend,
friendship last for a lifetime even forever
and forever remains near.
A nearest and priceless valuable treasure,
a treasure offer by god for free. "


April 10, 2010

"Standing still in a vast crowd with a look of confusion,
being less attention more than a mere illusion.
Time moves slow in my vision as if people walk in slow motion.
Engulf by other own made pollution.
In an instant with in point blank range I lost my sanity,
cold sweat burns in my skin bewildered vanity.
What is the point of living and all this walking?
With a shallow breath I closed my eyes,
I saw my past drastically dies,
I open my eyes and start walking again.
There is still tomorrow."


April 09, 2010

"It had been bygone that I never utter for pardon,
For placing you in unwanted and profound disposition.
Without knowing wreckage came upon your psyche,
I'm so blind to see your countenance filled with sorrow.
How milksop I had been of those days.
Parting is the least tact to reprieve you from me.
As the angels called upon me far away,
In air I whisper "I'm sorry" ."

Haunted Past

April 08, 2010

"Once I grasp the world in the palm of my hands,
Fate, destiny and amor came upon my presence,
it adores me like an ethereal being,
As avidity slowly erodes me and
Before my senses came everything had been divest,
Leaving me with nothingness.
As I wail beyond imagination.
It feels like forever,
Dreaming for the day that I shall be absolves from this."


April 05, 2010

"It may seems so absorb.. You call it anyway you want...
Let me offer you something...I offer you a proposal ..
a proposal of emotional bliss,
a memory of unyielding vision to make me your infinite half.
To somehow eradicate dejection and smile shall be restituted
unto your countenance.
For this I offer you my word."

Towards Uncertainty

April 02, 2010

"Wondering in the depth of this thought
I foresee countless possibilities.
What will be the odds of acquiring such gem?
What slim probability of us meeting each other?
Do you exist somewhere?
or a mere fiction that this bizarre mind created.
Will I be forever inutile or
be in the state of euphoria?
As I travel deeper through this subconscious
My eyes became so blind that I can’t look straight...
I need to ward off or insanity I shall befall."

Illuminated Femininity

March 26, 2010

"I am a pawn of a foolish quest beyond far spectre hoping to seek an enchanted Lapis Lazuli.
Rather vexing to hear, Even if time pass me by It is still worth a try.
Make no mistake on choosing one for she will fall in melancholy.
Behold the borders of impossible I shall not waver nor falter,
In order to acclaim an illuminated baroness I SHALL DIE TRYING!."

World of ugly men

November 09, 2009

"Reflecting on thy self the unbearable cruelty of being ugly, Envious of those who granted such bright well proportioned and imposing appearance... thinking deeply looking for answers... for those good looking men deserves princesses as what they say and what they believe.
WHAT ABOUT US! who has been showered with mischief and offensive to the sense of beauty who has left alone... alone in this unfortunate mask that eagerly wants to get it rid off... still thinking ... do we have a part in this unfair life? or we are just mere pieces to complete the beauty that surrounds it."

Stalker's Infatuation

November 11, 2009

"Look only at me not to anybody.Love no one but me and only me.
Your place is in this arm, Helpless in my charm.
Avert anybody! Only in me you'll be happy.
But why oh why have you abandon me? Leaving me tearfully.
I can’t accept this insidious act! But I can’t do any unnecessary tact.
Now you belong in someone’s arms. Envious resentment in me alarms.
Have you ever thought that I exist? I think not, I’m a mist.
All I can do now is to look at you in a far
and forever be a distant star."


November 07, 2009

"Looking in the sky above staring at the moon glows bright unreachable as it may seems to wish under the moonlight to be born again somewhere... where a good life resides to live to sleep and to die.
Love, destiny and faith dwells only in an imaginary world existed in a vast field of holograms."

State of being lonely

October 28, 2009

"Holding a cup of coffee in the balcony, sitting at ease by the column side, looking a far I saw a lady by the window side, in deep obscurity and solitude, if only I can read thoughts like letters, but in her eyes I saw a vast universe, she looks back at me and looking through her eyes I saw a portrait of me... me... like a shard porcelain."

Lady in a box

October 20, 2009

"Saw a young fine lady, created with perfection, sway with elegance, this captivated in an instance, unreachable as it may seem, to admire is the only thing, to watch her each passing day, in a box filled with fantasy... a box called TV..."

Day Dreaming

October 14, 2009

"Daydreaming in the midst of the sky, a place where my kingdom resides, everything inside this imaginary mind exist, and Cheryl Cole is within my reach but images became blur and snap! I'm back in this cruel world..."


October 08, 2009

"Waiting in agony and despair, thoughts running wild with fear, a glimpse of answer is all I need but dreadful silence is what i feel....... How is she.. Where is she...."


October 02, 2009

"in thy silence and cold impassivity night, where darkness blankets the light, tranquility sitting in my chair in the middle of a toil, a deep aroma of coffee lift my soul in heavenly bliss..."