Monday, December 16, 2013

A Really Weird Dream

everything is still visually clear in my mind, for a month now or more i just dream but when i woke up i already forgot what my dream is all about but this time it is different it is still vividly clear in my mind what I saw in my dream but I shall not speak into full details, I shall left behind some scenes that better for me to have knew alone. Each time I go to bed I make sure that I say my prayers, that night I'm sure my last prayer is that Lord if you may so kind if it is your will kindly give me someone who can be my partner for the rest of my life. That night is a very cold night and its around 8 degrees Celsius as i went to bed. I travel in the lightspeed highway of the dream world just like in the movies but i haven't seen any movies in a long time now. This is a really weird dream I dream that I feel in love with someone I knew which  have a model type body she is beautiful non the less but the weird part is that I feel in love with her in which in my dream she is a drug trader, all I knew is that she is not merely a small time dealer but international dealer. One scene is that I see 3 different nationalities sits around the table and they get this electronic device a black rectangular type in which 3 nationalities together with there body guards, 2 person each nationality. They place the device on the table and grab a bag of sample of it, if i am not mistaken a high grade newly develop cocaine, in a matter of instance they start pressing the button on the device like transferring an electronic money from each other and from the device it release a receipt imprinting a code of the transaction. They pass each others coupon and input the code to the black rectangular device, I can see the smirk on there faces meaning that the transfer is successful and out of nowhere they get the bag in which this new cocaine are stored. They get a small amount on it and each one of them started to inhale this drug just like doing a beer cheers. I am there seated looking at them as I look at her with an empty facial expression , I saw as if she is a hollow, then I feel asleep and I woke up suddenly in the same room but I see only the 3 nationals and there bodyguards on a high spirit due to the drug but I feel really weird in my body I feel that someone force me to take the new drug as I gaze upon each person there faces and built changes, I see monsters in them and the background changes to snow as I saw monsters on the snow. I stand and just like a drunk person I tried my hardest to put my self intact and in my mind is to find this girl I search for her and I found my self in this small passage way village and in the corner i see a waiting shed and in front of that I see her house, she is there staring  blankly into the window standing, I approach her and when she look at me she started crying and cursing she said Help me! Help me! Help me to get away from this (im thinking she means by his drug trade)she is pounding my chest as I held her close she is in tears still begging for help, she said I want to be free help me and she is cursing she said help me for fucking sake help me, I have no words of comfort that time but I just held her and kiss her forehead and her lips. and I woke up into the reality with a bewilder mind thinking that's a really weird dream.