Sunday, October 9, 2011

Surviving Saudi Arabia - Shared Happiness

Im already 4 months old at the moment and there are still downward situations in this place well I guess it cant be help at all. Ill try not to complain anymore and just make the best out of the things coming my way for that is how normal people usually do in which I am also. Well this month somehow blew a interesting breeze into my living lifestyle in here so I do have now a living lifestyle ey ^_^ . I've establish a close connection with my 2 Filipino friends who are staying a floor above me and decided to unite our powers to help each other and watch each others back, they decided to include me in there food planning in which we will be eating as one every lunch and dinner for us to save also isn't it nice ey! well who am I to refuse? I really appreciated there efforts to help me also in which I also give them free one-on-one tutorial in doing some 3-Dimensional drawing in Autocad that will help them someday in there future toil or one way or another. 

Eating alone by yourself is not enjoyable as it seems for I only eat less and yet when I am with a companion to eat with I can eat well or maybe due to some interesting talking laughing in which I almost forgot how it feels to have a good laugh with. On the other day Kuya Jo celebrated his B-day and his age is top secret he will carry this secret to his grave hahahaha, we celebrated his birthday by grilling a tilapya and cook other varieties of food. I like Kuya Jo's place its located in the roof top, well that's my dream to live with in a rooftop hehehehe I don't know why but I cant even understand my own-self in which I'm afraid of heights and yet its my dream to leave in a rooftop isn't it weird?.... ok back to the topic, we celebrated kuya Jo's Bday bash! ahahaha with a bursting laughter and I thought that Im the only one in this place that almost forget to have a good and heartily laughter and yet I was wrong as I gazed upon Kuya Jo's laughter and I said within me that Im not alone also ^_^... we talk a lot about there own respective experiences both bad and funny like telling there own tales and the rest is history... this tiny drop of happiness way back in the land of promise is now my big happiness and small things that I never notice its value became the useful things in this place in which happiness itself is limited.

God works in mysterious way sometimes for which one kababayan named Jerson enters our showroom asking for direction for he is looking for a establishment and he sees me. Even if Im new to this place I pretty well knew my surrounding blocks and also I knew where the place he is looking for so as a kind kababayan also I left my work and guide my fellow kababayan even go beyond distance to accompany him. We have a nice conversation and out of nowhere he invited me to attend a christian sevice in there church in which Ive been praying that hopefully I can go to church if there is one in this place and yet wahla! there is one person inviting me to go and I blurted of course!. Im happy that Ive got to hear the message of god once again and with fellow kababayan are with me also. Its really refreshing to see in your point of vision a lot of filipinos gathers together to celebrate god and have a heartily talk with one another. You cant blame me for Ive been living alone. 

After the service I feel light for the first time ever since I start living in this place and said that this place is not so bad after all ^_^ ... Bro. Jerson then tag me along to a Birthday party again in which a mix of feelings I felt, Im happy, nervous, shy and astonished by the sights of other people. I help my self only a piece of dessert due to fact that we already eaten way back in the church after the service. First it was a crowd of families and then a bunch of filipina ladies came in and I don't know maybe the law in this place already gets me that its illegal to look to the face of any woman and my physical reaction direct my vision to look at the floor and not there faces.... it takes me at-least 10 minutes before a hard realization hits me and said what the hell em I looking down this is a rented place and all are Filipinos why em I not looking at there faces so starting there I lavish each of there pretty faces and indulge myself to overwhelming satisfaction of visionary oases that will not occur to me everyday.... all of them are gorgeous I don't know if I lessen my standards but who cares!!! this ladies are worth dying for in this place hahahaha...

As I recall I still have 1 year 8 months 21 days and 13 hours left to my own freedom..