Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Unveiling the Truth

The curtains of reality has been lit open to my sight and behold I see nothing but lies of this world. I came running unto God to save me upon this treachery yet to no avail God said "endure my son to the very end"   [Matthew 24:13]  accepting is easy but to go on process is difficult for talk is cheap and action is priceless. [Ecclesiastes 5:7] Each day is a battle to won for I failed most of the time and all I have is a burden heart, yet I failed to see the barrier of protection that this eyes may not see, this skin may not feel and understanding may not fathom but it is there within my presence for the love of God and its mercy cannot separate me from him [Romans 8:39].It requires more than plain sight to grasp this emotion but it is faith. I am afraid to lose what is rightfully mine for I am not in this place but belongs to the kingdom of my Father, this may be words coming from my thoughts but defying on the basis of action may result to my demise. All I have now is questions of What, Where, When, Why and How? and through each passing day I rely all I have to God yet I still cause him pain, do I deserve such love from Him? this world filled with lies and deceit invokes me to do such acts but I endure yet still fails. Each time I fall His words enlightened me to stand up for it is still not the end and I return to Him with a teary eye asking Why do he loves me this way that I only cause Him pain, I am begging my God to remove this will upon me so I may not cause Him pain anymore, yet God answers with a smile for I failed to see the humbleness I have shown. I see my future in a path of light but on its sides are deadly creatures waiting to devour for me not to continue thy path. The path is narrow, enough to walk forward and lining behind is impossible. I thank Him how he steer the wheel of my life towards Him, how He proves His words are true and promises to its perfect timing. I am doing my best yet my best still not enough for I may not able to produce a single soul unto him for I myself is still on the process of fighting the existing evil upon me for the day will come through God's grace that this will be defeated. I am so weak very weak like an infant that still can't stand on its feet but relying on the hands that carries me loving me faithfully. To be called His son is too much for me to bare but to be his slave is what I deserve.